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Zoot Suit (film)

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He was accepted that too much alcohol had based on the attack, and he did not write for the next ten years. Sep 27,  · Fifty years ago, student Luis Valdez made his theatrical debut on the San José State campus as a playwright-director. From there he graduated and went on to Broadway with his famed play Zoot Suit, the story of the zoot suit riots in Los Angeles.

“Zoot Suit” by Luis Valdez is the first Chicano play to perform on Broadway and pioneered Latinos in theatre. When I was trying to become more educated on my family’s Chicano history and culture, watching the “Zoot Suit” film adaption in my US history class opened my eyes to how Mexican-Americans have developed in America.

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Zoot Suit (play)

Synopsis. Mexican-American gangster Henry Reyna (Daniel Valdez) and others in his group are accused of a murder in which they had no part.

Oscar Nominee Demian Bichir Leads LA’s Acclaimed ‘Zoot Suit’ Revival

They are then rounded up by the police because of their race and their choice of clothing. Find industry contacts & talent representation.

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