Rewrite all to index.php htaccess tutorial

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WordPress Default .htaccess Rules Explained

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Pretty Urls Version 8 and .htaccess

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Apache mod_rewrite Tutorial

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mod_rewrite Tutorial for Absolute Beginners

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mod_rewrite Tutorial for Absolute Beginners

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One example of such an extension is the widely used ISAPI_Rewite 3. Permalinks tutorial What are permalinks? Actually, they are just various links to entries of your website. Long ago, nearly all hyperlinks were permalinks, just because all content was static (static html pages).

WordPress ncmlittleton.comss Rules Explained The rewrite.c> and lines work as a pair and prevent errors if your server does not have the mod_rewrite.c module installed. If the module is missing, the lines in between are ignored. Now that we see how all permalink requests get sent to Htaccess Rewrites through mod_rewrite provide the special ability to Rewrite requests internally as well as Redirect request externally.

When the url in your browser's location bar stays the same for a request it is an internal rewrite, when the url changes an external redirection is taking place.

However, you can use the tutorial above by simply changing the rewrite to rewrite to the https:// with no WWW in the URL. The condition for the change would indicate the WWW version of the URL. I hope this helps to answer your question, please let us know if you require any further assistance.

htaccess can have more than one rewrite rules. However, Apache will execute them in the defined order only. When Apache gets a URL that matches one of the rewrite.

Forcing HTTPS Using the .htaccess Rewrite all to index.php htaccess tutorial
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