Paulo freire a christian marxist

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Paulo Freire, a Christian-Marxist

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Christianity Vs Marxism Essay

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Paulo Freire

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Freire, Paulo, and Ana Ivy Ara?. PAULO FREIRE () is regarded as one of the most influential educators of the 20th century. Freire's pedagogy is synonymous with critical pedagogy.

Paulo Freire defines praxis in Pedagogy of the Oppressed as "reflection and action directed at the structures to be transformed." Through praxis, oppressed people can acquire a critical awareness of their own condition, and, with teacher-students and students-teachers, struggle for liberation.

Paulo Freire, a Christian-Marxist

Freire says he is a Christian-Marxist; however, he can be one or the other, but not both at the same time. Furthermore, the whole idea of Marxism contradicts itself in many ways. Marxists believe in individualism, but they also believe in communism, which leaves no place for a person to be an individual.

Paulo Freire, a Christian-Marxist In this paper, I will be addressing the topic of how Christianity and Marxism cannot be yoked together.

Let me first state that the kind of Christianity Paulo Freire says he believes in, is Catholicism/5(1). The Bishops confirm a political pluralism for Christian people in order to create new politics and economic systems which become worthy of men and shy away from “the structural vices of capitalism, neo capitalism or Marxist socialism”.

emerged from the work of Paulo Freire and is now global in scope. I argue that Marxism provides influential and robust perspectives on education, still of use, but that classical.

Paulo freire a christian marxist
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