Pathological views of deafness

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Mark Levin: Let’s eradicate the term ‘hearing impaired’

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In deaf culture, people often talk about the "pathological" versus the "cultural" view of deafness. Both hearing and deaf people can adopt either point of view. Neither accept nor support a separate “deaf culture.” Define deafness as merely a difference, a characteristic which distinguishes normal deaf persons from normal hearing persons.

Recog-nize that deaf people are a linguistic and cul-tural minority. Openly acknowledge deafness.

Medical & Cultural Views of Deafness

Emphasize the abilities of. Ruminations, ramblings, and rants about narcissism and trauma, politics, human nature, religion, pop culture, and almost everything else.

May 03,  · Deaf Community the Pathological View and the Cultural View Second the pathological view of the Deaf Community is a view many medical professionals hold, this view defines being deaf as a disability textbooks typically focus on a description of the physiological characteristics and perceived deficits attributed to deafness.

Defence mechanisms

This is a six-week course providing a historical overview of the American Deaf community and its evolving culture. Theoretical frameworks from sociology are explored. Deafness as a culture and not a disability is explained as participants are guided into the world of Deaf culture.

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Pathological views of deafness
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