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European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry

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The syntheses of new sulphonamide specifics of 8,diazabenzo[a]phenoxazones are reported. European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry. Supports Open Access. Articles in press Latest issue Special issues All issues About the journal Sign in to set up alerts.

Articles in press. Articles in press are accepted, peer reviewed articles that are not yet assigned to volumes/issues, but are citable using DOI. Research article Full text access.

Chemistry Research Journal is an international journal, covering fundamental and applied aspects of chemical sciences. It is a peer reviewed journal aiming to communicate high quality research articles, reviews and general articles in the field of chemical sciences.

Medicinal Chemistry Research (MCRE) publishes papers on a wide range of topics, favoring research with significant, new, and up-to-date information. Although the journal has a demanding peer review process, MCRE still boasts rapid publication, due in part, to the length of the submissions.

Medicinal Chemistry, a peer-reviewed journal, aims to cover all the latest outstanding developments in medicinal chemistry and rational drug design. The journal publishes original research and mini-review articles covering recent. We are excited to highlight medicinal chemistry research in India in this ACS Virtual Issue collection of recently published articles in Journal of Medicinal Chemistry and ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters.

The articles were selected by Guest Editor Dr. Ram Vishwakarma, Director of the Indian Institute of Integrative Medicine in Jammu, India. When authors co-submit and publish a method article in MethodsX, it appears on ScienceDirect linked to the original research article in this journal.

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Medicinal chemistry research articles
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