Innovation management at airlines industry

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Innovation Hub

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Airline & Airport Innovations. 10 Great Ideas For Travellers.

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Hawaiian Airlines, for instance, already offers iPad minis for passengers to use on some of its flight routes. Other airlines may start urging you to bring your own iProducts on board.

I also became interested in the management aspect of the airline industry. The challenge that airlines have of managing fixed supply and variable demand is fascinating.

Southwest Airlines Operations – A Strategic Perspective

I’m also intrigued by the pure complexity of this industry that is labor, capital and fuel intensive, a rare combination. The future of CRM in the airline industry: A new paradigm for customer management By Declan Boland, Doug Morrison and Sean O’Neill As airlines struggle to gain market share and sustain profitability in today’s fiercely competitive and economically demanding environment, they must.

This applies to all firms in the economy and is equally relevant to innovation in the airline industry (Xinhui, ).

Although the main service provided by airlines is transport, considerable innovations have taken place to make it a profitable proposition. Business model innovation in the aviation industry competences, an increasing customer dema nd for MRO services has emphasised the attractiveness of the after-sales market (2, 4, 9, 11).

While the airline industry has experienceda number of significant institutional innovations over the years, including the adoption of hub-and-spoke networks and frequent flier programs and the use of yield management techniques, true technological innovations have been less fre.

Southwest Airlines Operations – A Strategic Perspective Innovation management at airlines industry
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