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This is the homepage for CIPD Middle East. The new Profession Map sets the international standard for you to make their greatest impact and thrive in a changing world of work. The foundation level CIPD HR qualifications are suitable for those who want to get into an HR role and have no HR qualifications already.

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Prices start from just £ and we have a multiple locations to study from. Enquire today. Kogan Page is the CIPD's official publishing partner. CIPD students and members can buy direct and save 20% on HR, L&D and all other business books and ebooks.

View terms and conditions. HR-Inform is provided by Croner Group Limited in association with CIPD. By submitting this form, you agree to Croner sharing your information with CIPD for the purposes of HR.

The CIPD HR Awards recognise outstanding achievement in people management and development. Closing date for submission now extended till Thursday 15 November!

Make your application here. New Profession Map. The new Profession Map sets the international standard for you to make their greatest impact and thrive in a changing world of work. Natalie Ellis HR HR musings with added sparkle!

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World Kindness Day #HRactsofkindness. November 13, Natalie Ellis 2 Comments. embRACE is a group set up by the CIPD which is designed to create a safe space within the CIPD for those who wish to discuss racial diversity.

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This has always been a taboo subject that people don’t feel.

Cipd hr
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