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Types of Biopsy

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What to know about a stomach tissue biopsy

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Lung biopsy

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What to know about a stomach tissue biopsy

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The decided may feel a pressure lab. Read about bone marrow biopsy, a procedure that is used to evaluate bone marrow function and diseases of the bone marrow. Learn about complications, side effects, pain, and results of this procedure. A gastric (stomach) tissue biopsy and culture is a medical procedure used to diagnose stomach conditions.

A stomach biopsy can detect bacteria, inflammation, and cancers. It is usually performed.

Brain biopsy

Different techniques can be used to perform a breast biopsy. Learn more about breast cancer biopsy procedures today.

Lung biopsy

Biopsy definition, the removal for diagnostic study of a piece of tissue from a living body. See more. Videos in Clinical Medicine from The New England Journal of Medicine — How to Perform a Punch Biopsy of the Skin. Lung biopsy is a procedure for obtaining a small sample of lung tissue for examination.

The tissue is usually examined under a microscope, and may be sent to a microbiological laboratory for culture. Microscopic examination is performed by a pathologist.

A lung biopsy is usually performed to.

Biopsy article
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