Article analysis marco antonio vieira and

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Marco Antonio Vieira has expertise in Political Science and Social Science. Marco Antonio Vieira's research while affiliated with University Strategic Analysis.

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Dr Marco Vieira Department of Political Science and International Studies Foreign Policy Analysis, International Studies Review, Environmental Politics, Global Governance, Global Society (with Chris Alden). In: Maria Regina Lima, Monica Hirst and Marco Antonio Vieira (eds.) Vozes do Sul e Agenda Global: África do Sul, Brasil e Índia.

The South in World Politics is a timely analysis of the influence and effectiveness of developing states in shaping the international order from the politics of the Cold War and North-South confrontat Chris Alden, Sally Morphet, Marco Antonio Vieira.

Pages PDF. Back Matter. Marco Vieira, University of Birmingham, Political Science and International Studies Department, Department Member.

Fernando Pessoa

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The article by Marco Antonio Vieira and Chris Alden mainly explains the beginnings and creation of IBSA and the purpose of this group.

IBSA is a distinctive group, which brought India, Brazil and South Africa together.

Article analysis marco antonio vieira and
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